Music is coming back here!

2012-03-09 12:44:36 by johngotti0831

Yup pretty much

Ok so 2 months later

2009-08-28 19:05:36 by johngotti0831

Ok I said on july 3 that I was working on my best remix. Well that is done. It will be uploaded in a few.

I'm working on what might be my best remix to date. Splash woman's level from MM9. Probably be up in a day or 2.


2009-07-01 01:30:56 by johngotti0831

I just found a bunch of my older songs I remixed from like 3 years ago. Some were made in fl studio 3 and fl studio 5. I have Fl studio 8 now. So I'm going to upload these, and possibly remix them. But yeah mind you they're old so they're not my best work

getting music made

2009-06-21 04:38:51 by johngotti0831

making music little by little. I will keep posting it and hopefully it will greatly improve